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Termite damage repairs Melbourne

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Have termites damaged your home or building in Melbourne? Do you have structural, wall or floor damage due to termite activity? Don’t despair, Campis have more than 40 years experience in white ant rectification work. Whatever the nature of your damage, we will be able to assist.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your termite damaged home or building is in expert hands. Campis are leaders in termite rectification work. As fully qualified builders and structural repair specialists, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your home safe again. We have been Members of Master Builders Victoria since 1976 and continue to set the standard in this type of construction work.

Can your termite damage be repaired?

It is rare that termites damage a house or building beyond repair. For this to occur, the infestation would have to be left untreated for many years. Of course, the level of deterioration would depend on the species of termite that is present as well as the type of materials used in construction. If your termite colony has grown to maturity then the damage would become more obvious. Providing you have detected the presence of termites early, the construction work required to repair the damage would be less extensive.

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  • Termite Damaged Walls
  • Termite Damaged Floors
  • Termite Damaged Foundations
  • Termite Damage sub-floor
  • Termite Damage Structural Supports & Beams
  • Termite Damaged Roofs & Ceilings

Call Now for a free onsite assessment and quote. Campis are experts in termite damage repairs, and we happy to offer free advice and friendly service. Our team of experienced tradies provide superior construction service Melbourne Wide. Make an appointment Now!termite damage repairs in melbourne melbourne termite repairs