termite damage

termite damage

How do I know if my house has termite damage?

Termites are known as the worst nightmare for any homeowner! They are as small as ants but can cause severe property damage that compromise the strength and safety of the infested structure.

It’s not easy to detect infestation of termites and most of the time, it requires a professional eye. When a regular person finds out they have an infestation of termites, it’s probably because the damage has already been done… A pest control specialist can help you remove them and we can certainly fix the damage!

The worst part about termites is that they do all their dirty work out of sight, that’s why it’s so hard to spot the warning signs. They eat the structure of your home including support beams, wall studs, timber posts, floor joists, etc. They usually go for timber but they can also feed on other materials including plaster.

Even if you think the termite damage you have found is insignificant, you must take immediate action to prevent the colony from growing and causing further damage to your home.